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The Adaptavist Group announces new brand Upscale

The Adaptavist Group combines best-in-class apps under new brand Upscale to cultivate innovation.

LONDON, UK—29 February 2024

The Adaptavist Group, a leading global digital transformation company, today unveiled its latest venture Upscale. This new brand brings together several best-in-class apps, previously under the Adaptavist umbrella. With the creation of this new distinct brand identity, these apps now have the freedom to evolve and flourish on their own. Upscale will focus on crafting apps that provide genuine value to users while making everyday work easier, in keeping with The Adaptavist Group’s overarching mission to make business work better.
The Adaptavist Group: Cultivating apps into powerhouse brands
Innovation runs deep in the veins of The Adaptavist Group. Alongside delivering top-tier digital transformation solutions to leading enterprises, The Group remains at the forefront of pioneering innovative apps and products aimed at optimising team and organisational efficiency.
Serving more than 22,000 customers across 155 countries worldwide, The Adaptavist Group excels in nurturing apps and products, scaling them into flourishing standalone brands, all with an unwavering commitment to deliver the best customer experiences possible. Both its Kolekti and ScriptRunner ventures have evolved successfully in this way. And now, The Group is adding an exciting new brand to its portfolio, Upscale.
Upscale is the new home for its best-in-class apps across Atlassian, Slack, and, including:
  • Encryption for Jira
  • Hierarchy for Jira
  • Microscope for Jira
  • Workflow Steps for Jira
  • Recurring Tasks for
  • Slack IntegratePlus for
  • Smart Forms for (formerly known as Smart Insights)
  • Unlimited Subitems for
Thanks to a growing and loyal customer base, this collection of apps has earned respect and accolades from leading work platforms, including Atlassian and Now, as they come together under a single brand, Upscale, the focus is on evolving the portfolio further and expanding it to tackle customer pain points in other key areas such as ITSM, agile, project management, and Infosec and compliance space.
The brand's mission is clear: to craft apps that elevate the value of everyday platforms, sparking 'aha!' moments that make work easier and more enjoyable.
Stay tuned to hear more from Upscale as it embarks on its journey to deliver innovative work apps and value-first customer experiences!
Innovating across ecosystems
Upscale’s launch will also serve as a boost to The Adaptavist Group’s range of partner ecosystems. Upscale currently has four apps on the marketplace, with over 12,000 installations and the recognition of being the ‘Most Installed New App in 2023' by
Ophir Penso, VP of Global Partnerships, at, commented on the launch, stating, 'When we joined forces with The Adaptavist Group in 2022, we knew it was going to be special. Not just because of our shared values, but also our core value of trustworthy customer experience. They’re more than just partners; they’re strategic allies and challengers, always pushing boundaries to enhance our platform and deliver exceptional results for our customers. Whether it’s winning our top-installed app award or shining at our AI Hackathon, they consistently wow both us and our customers. Congratulations on the launch of Upscale—here’s to the exciting journey ahead!'
Jari Worsley, General Manager and founder of Upscale commented, 'It's a proud moment for us to share Upscale with the world. We've been working hard to shape the brand and make it the new home for all our Atlassian, Slack, and apps. Our focus is on making every workday easier with apps that deliver real value, embodying craft, insight, research, sweat, failure, and learning. Upscale is a testament to the work of our teams and the success they have built, and will allow us to continue to nurture that success by building out our app products and services even further under their individual identities.'
Looking forward, Adaptavist will continue to grow, focusing on services, solutions, reselling software and catalysing innovation—creating value for customers by bringing together cross-ecosystem expertise, leading technology partnerships, and product offerings from across The Adaptavist Group brands and beyond.
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