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"The biggest and best Atlassian Partner by every reasonable metric”

The founding member of the group, Adaptavist is a multi-award winning Atlassian global consultancy and development company.

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Adaptavist Library

The script repository for the Adaptavist apps community.

Aligned Agility Logo

Aligned Agility

Agile transformation and adaptability - beyond tools.

Brew Digital Logo

Brew Digital

A next generation web agency helping your decision making process, and delivering on the outcome.

Decision Sprints Logo

Decision Sprints

Break the stalemate with a Decision Sprint - a new facilitation process which gets you further in an hour than you have in a month.

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Orah Apps

Simple yet powerful apps that allow teams to get the most out of Confluence, Slack and Trello.

Orah Apps Logo

Gravity Works

Behavioural transformation specialists with a record of successfully scaling agile ways of working across organisations.