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The Adaptavist Group achieves TISAX certification
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Siggy Sveinsson
19th January, 2024

The Adaptavist Group achieves TISAX certification

As part of our ongoing commitment to industry-leading security and compliance, The Adaptavist Group has been awarded a Level 2 TISAX certification.
As part of our ongoing commitment to industry-leading security and compliance, we proudly announce that The Adaptavist Group has now been awarded a Level 2 TISAX certification. The scope of the certification is Adaptavist Group Ltd in the UK and veniture GmbH in Germany.
TISAX is an exciting addition to our existing ISO 27001 and SOC 2 status, with a particular focus on the European automotive industry, as we continue to expand our reach and capabilities to support clients with the broadest possible range of requirements.

What is TISAX?

TISAX is a security standard governed by the ENX (European Network Exchange), a group of automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and national automotive associations. TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, and its purpose is to standardise the assessment and certification of information security practices among participants, giving businesses confidence that their sensitive data is safe when working with TISAX-certified external parties.
TISAX builds upon the same controls as the widely recognised ISO 27001 standard, placing specific emphasis on the unique security requirements and focus of the automotive industry across the DACH region, and in many cases, it is a prerequisite for any suppliers to begin work with these organisations.

What does this mean for our clients?

Trust is one of our core values across The Adaptavist Group, and striving for the highest standards in information security and privacy is one of the ways that we uphold this value.
Achieving TISAX certification means existing clients can be further reassured of our independently verified security capabilities—regardless of your industry, the sensitivity of data involved, or the complexity of your needs, we are expertly placed to support you.
It also means that our service offerings can now be further available to clients internationally who require this certification due to the nature of their business. If you're looking for a provider with industry-recognised credentials to help you achieve your goals, we have a comprehensive offering of tried-and-trusted solutions, services, and apps, and over 15 years of experience in making business work better.
You can find out more about TISAX and verify our certification in the ENX portal (Scope-ID S4TC1Z).
For further information on trust and security across The Adaptavist Group, including our other certifications, head to our Trust Centre page.