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The Adaptavist Group reaches 1,000 team members
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Photo of Lucia Scarborough
Lucia Scarborough
6th November, 2023

The Adaptavist Group reaches 1,000 team members

The Adaptavist Group has reached an impressive 1,000 team members. Read our blog to hear employees across The Group share their experiences with us.
We are delighted to announce that The Adaptavist Group has reached the extraordinary milestone of 1,000 team members! We couldn’t have achieved this without the hard work and dedication of our people, who make the Group such a fantastic place to be. When Adaptavist was formed in 2005, we were a fully remote and close-knit organisation. In 2017, the team grew to 100 people, and then this figure ballooned to 500 in 2022—the same year we launched The Adaptavist Group. A series of acquisitions last year—Gravity Works, Nimaworks, Rozdoum, and veniture—helped bolster the number of people in our global family to where we are today.
As a tech company, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Reaching 1,000 team members demonstrates our incredible talent pool, expertise, and fresh perspectives. With a diverse team, we foster an environment where creativity flourishes, ideas collide, and ground-breaking solutions emerge. With so many individuals from different backgrounds, stages of their careers, and skill sets collaborating towards shared goals, unique experiences, and insights, we provide a competitive set of fresh and varied solutions. Not only do we produce excellent work, but our cherished company culture enabled us to win a place on Campaign’s Best Places to Work list this year.
The Adaptavist Group is renowned for its expertise, including its skilled ability to pick the right people for the job. Without this, we wouldn’t have made it so far. Global Head of People Experience Lucia describes our constant progression: “I don't think there has been a time in the past seven years where I haven't said to new recruits or even existing employees that it's a really exciting time at The Adaptavist Group! There's always something new going on, new challenges to face, and certainly no risk of ever getting bored! That has certainly contributed to me staying for as long as I have—as well as the amazing people that you work with. Being in HR, you can really see the growth happen in real time; one week you're pulling a report and the team count is 100, and then just months later, that number is 150, 200, and so on. So reaching the 1,000 milestone is a real benchmark to hit!”
We’re proud of all the veterans in our organisation, like Lucia, but we’re also keen on training the next generation of youngsters eager to explore the tech industry. One of our interns, Charlie, was impressed by our company culture: “It was actually quite shocking for me coming into the company as a young intern and finding just how many people were willing to make time for me. No matter their position or schedule, they always managed to fit me in for a chat, and during the first few weeks of figuring stuff out, that was super valuable. Not to mention the fact that everyone was lovely.”
Freya, another intern at our digital marketing agency Brew Digital, says: “Despite having only been here for four months, I have developed more skills than I could have ever imagined. The team’s genuine commitment to providing me with the best learning experience has been so welcoming. It's refreshing to work for a company that truly values its peoples' growth and development, as well as their work-life balance.”
Internships aren’t the only method by which we encourage young talent; we also support work experience placements. Zoe spent two educational weeks with us and found it invaluable to her future: “I thank The Adaptavist Group for making me feel welcome and extending my knowledge in business, marketing, and general workplace areas. My time with the teams has been eye-opening, and I have had great exposure to the business and social side of everyday working. I really appreciate the two weeks, and I hope to be back in the future.”
As part of a vastly expanding business, we’re constantly creating new roles to be filled by talented and vibrant individuals. One of these recent new positions is our Associate Brand and Content Manager, filled by Alice. In the video below, she discusses her experiences joining The Group, her impressions of her colleagues, and how we bring our company culture to life.
Alice may be a newcomer but her experience echoes that of our Senior Design Systems Engineer Sharon, who has been with us for over 13 years. When she joined Adaptavist, her interview was in a living room, due to a lack of an office for the fully remote company. Watch the video below to hear our Group historian discuss the organisation’s earliest days, how the company has changed as it has grown, and how she believes such a large workforce will shape the future.
The Adaptavist Group is fortunate to have many employees who left the company, only to return later. Sometimes, you need to try something different before you appreciate what you had before. Regional Sales Manager Russell thought the grass would be greener and left The Group to follow new horizons. Just six months into his new venture, he realised that what he had left behind at The Adaptavist Group was a rare company culture he quickly missed. Watch the video below to learn more about why he returned and what he values with us.
The future remains bright. We will continue to attract exceptional talent and foster an environment that maintains trust and continuous growth in our workforce. As the tech world continues to change how we live at an exponential pace, we look forward to accelerating our pace of innovation with our growing team to keep making business work better.