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The Adaptavist Group Support: JSM Cloud migration
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Joe Baldwin
13th February, 2024

The Adaptavist Group Support: JSM Cloud migration

The Adaptavist Group Support team is moving to JSM Cloud. We've gathered all the information you need to know to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Update: Monday 11 March

We are live! You can now access support for your products at
Please note: If you tried to contact us regarding an open ticket while we were offline for the migration, we may not have received your message. To ensure nothing is missed, please use the new portal above to access your tickets and resend any messages from between Friday 8 March at 17:00 GMT and Monday 11 March at 09:00 GMT.
How to access:
Please see our documentation on logging in to the new Support Portal.

Product Support Portal migration announcement: 13 Feburary

All the details you'll need to continue receiving support for your products after our move can be found below. This page will be your go-to source of truth throughout the migration process, and we'll keep it updated as needed to ensure you have the latest information.
If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out—we're here to help! For those working with our Customer Success Managers, they'll be available to answer any questions you may have too.

What to expect

During the weekend of 9-10 March, we will be migrating our Product Support Portal to JSM Cloud, and after this date, product support will be accessed via a new The Adaptavist Group Support site.
If you're a current user of one or more of our Adaptavist, ScriptRunner, or Kolekti products, you'll receive an email detailing what you'll need to do and where to get support once our move is complete. We'll also send a reminder email in the new branding, from The Adaptavist Group Support, nearer the time. Future product support communication will all now come from this sender.
As we get closer to our migration, keep an eye out for banners on our current support portal that will also display the key information.

Planned downtime

We anticipate some support downtime as we move to the new JSM Cloud portal. This will likely be ~48h and will be over the migration weekend of 9-10 March. As we have more details about the estimated downtime, we'll provide a warning on our support portals and update this page accordingly.
During the migration, no new tickets can be created, and both instances will be temporarily locked down. Once complete, we'll resume support in our new JSM Cloud site.
On the day we switch to JSM Cloud, we will update our support portal links on our website, marketplace vendor page, and product documentation pages so you'll know where to find us.

What happens next?

Once the migration is complete, all open tickets from the old portal will be available in the new JSM Cloud site. If you respond to an open ticket in our old portal post-migration, you'll receive an auto-reply with a link to your migrated ticket in our new site. We won't respond to any tickets in the old Server portal again, ensuring a smooth continuation of our support services. You'll also automatically be redirected to the new portal if you visit the old address.
Unsure if you currently have open tickets? You can log in and check your open requests before we move.
While using the new portal, you may notice some changes compared to your experience requesting support, reporting bugs, and interacting with our teams via our JSM Server site. This changeover is the first milestone in a larger project to bring The Adaptavist Group’s outstanding support experience onto Atlassian Cloud.

Staying informed

This page will be kept updated whenever we have new information to share. Again, if you have any questions or concerns leading up to the migration, you can contact our team or speak to your Customer Success Manager.
We're excited about this move, and we can't wait to welcome you to our new support portal on JSM Cloud. See you there!