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Unlocking potential with UWS
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Ava Maitland
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Harp Athwal
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Phill Fox
8th March, 2024

Unlocking potential with UWS

We’re thrilled to announce United World Schools (UWS) as a new charity partner of The Adaptavist Group, supporting children's access to quality education and opportunities for a brighter future.
Across our family of brands, ‘unlocking potential’ is a common theme for The Adaptavist Group. We help complex organisations adapt, transform, and scale in the face of uncertainty, but it’s important to us that this mindset extends beyond our clients to create a positive and meaningful impact on the wider world. When we launched our internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform, AdaptaKind, we defined its core philosophy around three key pillars: sustainability, community, and education.
It’s hard to imagine a cause more fitting for all three of those pillars than UWS, a global charity providing high-quality, inclusive education to children in the world’s most marginalised communities. In supporting UWS’s work, we hope to unlock the potential of future generations and combat poverty and gender inequality through the transformative power of education.
UWS’s approach also resonates with our sustainability pillar, placing emphasis on the long-term viability of the projects they support. They focus on building capacity locally, rather than creating dependency on external aid, and the majority of UWS staff are local to the areas where their projects operate, providing a two-way partnership with people living there and giving genuine insight into the need on the ground. This grassroots approach fosters community involvement and empowerment, laying a foundation for sustainable and independent growth of the education systems they introduce.
This year, The Adaptavist Group’s contributions will train and employ 22 teachers and educate 554 children for the academic year. On International Women’s Day, we’re particularly proud to announce the additional targeted support that will help 227 women and girls through mothers’ groups, girls’ clubs, and evening classes, enabling those with children of their own to gain access to a different future through education too.
It's also important to us that our collaboration with UWS is more than simply financial support; it’s a true partnership. Beyond our financial commitment, our intention is to leverage our technical, creative, and marketing expertise and resources to expand UWS’s reach and impact. We’ll be welcoming members of the UWS team to use our global network of offices for meeting and coworking space, encouraging and enabling our team members in the offices to get involved—and from there, we’ll also be exploring opportunities for our wider team to get hands-on through volunteering and external fundraising activities.
We are eager to embark on this journey with UWS and can’t wait to get started!
For more about UWS and our partnership, hear from Harp Athwal, our Head of Enterprise Growth Acceleration, in the video below.