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The Adaptavist Group wins a King’s Award for Enterprise
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The King's Awards for Enterprise 2024: International Trade emblem
Photo of Simon Haighton-Williams
Simon Haighton-Williams
6th May, 2024

The Adaptavist Group wins a King’s Award for Enterprise

The award recognises our continued global impact and success, following our previous Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2019.
It’s always a good feeling to win an award. Winning a King’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade gives me a particular buzz because of what the judges focus on, the company it puts us in, and the recognition of our strong, continued growth globally.
Previously known as The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, and now in its 58th year, they aim to 'acknowledge and encourage outstanding achievements' by UK-headquartered businesses. The awards have real longevity and authority with a judging panel that is highly experienced and successful.
As an award for International Trade, it highlights the global impact that The Adaptavist Group has. Our success results from the difference our people make around the world, which I’m genuinely proud of.

Strong fundamentals

Winning a King’s Award puts us in a peer group of very diverse businesses, from technology and manufacturing, science and engineering, to logistics, food, and even fashion and design.
The judges looked at the fundamentals of our business and recognised our impact and achievements. It’s fair to say that we don’t always act like other businesses, but we are totally committed to helping individuals, teams, and organisations work better, wherever they are. For me, that means leading, supporting, and investing in change and, sometimes, challenging the status quo. The King’s Awards judges have scrutinised what we do, how we do it, and how well we do it, giving us their seal of approval.

Continued global growth

Another reason it’s an outstanding achievement is that this isn’t the first time we’ve won; we got this very special seal of approval in 2019 too. The award is something that we hold for five years. To be recognised once more, we’ve had to demonstrate that we continue to grow our business worldwide at a 'steep' rate relative to our size and compared to others headquartered in the UK. It is a recognition of our strategy and commitment to helping teams work better, wherever they are. We should all be very proud of what we’re doing.
I look forward to reporting on our next King’s Award in 2029!