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Elena Francis
30th November, 2023


The Adaptavist Group has launched, an effortless and secure DevOps solution to help businesses automate software builds, integration, and deployment processes.
At The Adaptavist Group, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in the DevOps world. With a team of skilled and forward-thinking experts, we always strive to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We noticed a gap in the market for a DevOps-as-a-service platform to help companies undertake digital transformation and get them wholly cloud-native.
Now, we’re thrilled to unveil—a simple and safe solution for organisations to automate their software build, integration, and deployment processes. Modern development teams are preoccupied with an ever-increasing demand for fast, reliable, and scalable software solutions. Manual processes and outdated infrastructure management consistently obstruct teams from doing their best work. That's why has created a cutting-edge suite of DevOps tools designed to supercharge software development and delivery pipelines.
Unlike other products,’s software spans the breadth of CI/CD pipelines and DevOps deployments at every step—from preliminary planning to the app’s deployment and subsequent monitoring. will make teams truly cloud-native, fully leveraging the technology rather than just hosting apps on the cloud. A unified infrastructure tooling, services, and documentation supported by Spotify’s Backstage platform significantly simplifies the DevOps deployment and delivery processes. Teams enjoy full transparency, maximised collaboration, and secure automation for unmatched peace of mind. has already signed up businesses in various industries, including entertainment, energy, and communication. The team recently presented at Agile + DevOps East 2023 and enjoyed an overwhelming reception and response. In the near future, they have robust plans to boost their outreach and add more customers to their growing base.
General Manager Mike Maheu says: “When we started, the team was our top priority. Leveraging a combination of talented internal staff and shared services within The Adaptavist Group, we have the best team of my career. With our core mission of removing friction and complexity for devs to be cloud natives, the team focuses on our platform, but also our new community.”