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Introducing Upscale
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Photo of Simon Haighton-Williams
Simon Haighton-Williams
29th February, 2024

Introducing Upscale

The Upscale brand is a new identity for a new business unit containing the best-in-class apps previously under Adaptavist, allowing them to grow and thrive in their own space.
Throughout our history, change and transformation have been an integral part of Adaptavist's growth, something we have not only embraced but enjoyed. Change and adapting to that change is so integral to who we are that it's part of our name.
The Adaptavist brand has long developed and grown apps mixed in with its services, solutions, and licensing offerings. ScriptRunner, as an example, evolved from an Adaptavist product into a brand in its own right, allowing the teams delivering the ScriptRunner platform to focus in and develop the product offering faster. We did the same for Kolekti, launching their collection of apps into a brand shaped around the goal of improving work management. Branching out with these product brands means a greater focus on specific areas of customer need and our ability to respond to that need, and ultimately strengthens The Group and our customers with a more comprehensive offering overall.
To allow the remaining Adaptavist apps to continue to grow and achieve their full potential, we have launched Upscale, an exciting addition to The Adaptavist Group family. Upscale is a new brand that will house the full suite of Adaptavist apps our customers today enjoy across, Atlassian, and Slack:
Smart Forms for (formerly known as Smart Insights)
This seamless transition means no disruption to our existing app users, but customers can look forward to further innovation in the future as the Upscale catalogue expands with completely new offerings. Upscale's focus will be on addressing pain points and gaps in the market across ITSM, agile, project management, and infosec & compliance to create 'aha!' moments that make customers' work easier and more enjoyable.
Adaptavist will continue to grow focusing on services, solutions, licensing software, and catalysing innovation—creating value for our customers by bringing together cross-ecosystem expertise, leading technology partnerships, and product offerings from across The Adaptavist Group brands and beyond, including Upscale.
This new chapter is a testament to the work of our teams and the success they have built, and will allow us to continue to nurture that success by building out our app products and services even further under their individual identities.