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Making Atlassian work for teams.
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Rozdoum is an Atlassian Platinum Solution and Marketplace Partner with offices in the USA and Ukraine, and joined The Adaptavist Group in 2022.
Being Atlassian-driven, Rozdoum guides teams to efficient collaboration using the Atlassian stack and delivers solutions that help their clients optimise their business processes, reduce operational costs, and build complex integrations for simple workflows.
Rozdoum offers a full suite of Atlassian Professional Services, covering consultancy, licensing and set-up, upgrades and migrations, custom app development, and support for the whole stack of Atlassian products.
As an Atlassian Marketplace Partner, Rozdoum also invests R&D effort into fine-tuning the Atlassian ecosystem by developing and distributing tailor-made apps for Jira and Confluence.

Why work with Rozdoum?

  • Optimise your operations for greater efficiency
  • Simplify and streamline your Atlassian app migrations and integrations
  • Enjoy creative Atlassian solutions without sacrificing quality or budget

Find out more

Visit the Rozdoum website.